Action Photos
Saint Ronan's School Girls U11B vs  Bricklehurst Manor School
On: Wednesday, 06 Nov 2019
Venue: at Home

Right from the start, Flora H and Jo-Jo CM, as the two defenders, stamped their mark on the match. They read the game, worked well together, were solid in the tackle and were looking to pass to launch an attack. Amy-Mae H saw lots of play on the right and was able to pass to Lois T. Although we had possession in their D, we were not able to get a clear shot on goal. We played 20 minute halves, and as we came close to half time, the girls were tiring and Flora and Jo-Jo were increasingly on their own. Thanks to some outstanding saves by Grace E, in goal, we went into half time 0-0. In the second half, the girls worked harder to defend as well as attack, and we had a better base to attack from ourselves. Sophie D, when her turn came as forward, made a good target and looked to slip the ball to the wings. This opened up play and we were able to score twice, once from Aggie E with her specialty first time shot from the left post, and then from a good strong push towards goal from Sophie, aimed at Aggie, that went straight into goal. Although the girls had to defend, from this point they played their best hockey: Polly H played a particularly good hard pass across the pitch to the right side, and then the play of the season…..5 crisp passes from our penalty area out to the left, across to the right, slipped inside, out to the left, across the goal and Lois T went for a first time shot on the swivel and hit narrowly wide. Well played, girls, some super hockey today.

POM: Flora H and Jo-Jo CM