Action Photos
Saint Ronan's School Girls U10B vs  Ashford Prep School
On: Wednesday, 02 Oct 2019
Venue: at Home

The Bs played across the width of the astro and worked well as a team this week. We were strong from the start, taking possession and scoring within the first couple of minutes, thanks to some tenacious play between Athena M and Daisy A, which resulted in a fine goal for Athena. We continued to dominate possession, with everyone working hard to keep the ball moving towards our attacking end. Mischa W made some good attacking runs and both Athena M and Chloe C worked hard to keep the ball wide and attack the space down the wing. This resulted in a second goal for Athena M, and one for Mischa W. Ashford Prep then started to come back at us, tackling assertively and closing our space down more quickly. Isabella B and Marianne P defended well and Michelle VDB (GK) made some great saves and clearances. We were caught ball-watching on one occasion and were punished immediately with a goal. Overall, a much-improved team performance from the girls, with the strategies that we have been working on in training falling into place. Very well done. Player of the Match: Michelle VDB