Action Photos
Saint Ronan's School Girls U10D vs  Vinehall School
On: Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019
Venue: at Home

The 4 SRS teams took turns to play against the Vinehall team, as well as rotating on to the other pitch for practice matches. Despite only having 9 girls, the VH players were a capable, determined and energetic bunch. They dominated possession throughout, so the pressure was on in defence. VH attacked with purpose and conviction, whilst we tended to drift and look a little unsure as to how to contain their advances. On the odd occasion that we did have possession, we took the ball in the wrong direction, towards our own goal! In any invasion game, it is imperative that every individual on the pitch knows which way they are shooting before the first whistle blows! Game awareness in general needs a lot of work, as well as developing our skills to a level that allows us to compete. We generally faced a continuous barrage of shots and Aurelia D did all that she could to try and stop the ball entering the back of the goal - a great first effort as GK. To the team’s credit, they kept going until the final whistle. Much to learn from this experience, moving forwards.