Action Photos
Saint Ronan's School Girls U10C vs  Vinehall School
On: Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019
Venue: at Home

The 4 SRS teams took turns to play the Vinehall team, as well as rotating on to the other pitch for practice matches. Despite only having 9 girls, the VH players were a capable and energetic bunch. This gave our C team much to do in defence, as VH dominated possession in their attacking half throughout. Sienna U was fantastic at right back, managing to block and clear many VH attempts to move the ball into our D. Oriel M made her debut as GK and confidently cleared several strikes at goal; Charlotte K also did well to close down defenders and prevent scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, we just didn’t have the skills to move the ball up the pitch into our attacking half and we struggled to pass with any power. Our general game and spatial awareness needs a lot of work, as movement off the ball to help provide support, or create options for passes, is definitely a work in progress. Back to the drawing board next week, to work on those stick skills before we take on DCPS next week. Player of the Match: Sienna U