Action Photos
Saint Ronan's School Girls U10B vs  Vinehall School
On: Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019
Venue: at Home

The 4 SRS teams took turns to play against the Vinehall team, as well as rotating on to the other pitch for practice matches. The Bs had warmed up nicely with a practice match, whilst the As were against VH, so should have been ready to hit the ground running in the second match. However, game awareness and the commitment to defend the ball were unfortunately lacking this week. As soon as we had possession, VH were on to us in a shot, closing down our space and putting us under pressure. However, when VH were in possession, we tended to drift about, hesitating to tackle, giving them too much space and time to advance up the pitch. Slow to react to umpiring decisions, VH were able to take advantage on a few occasions and scored. There were some encouraging moments of play, where we actually used our space, positioned ourselves well and linked some passes, resulting in a goal scored by Athena M. Amelia B held her position well up front and Marianne P was once again solid in defence, but can’t do it all by herself. Overall we need much more energy, desire and oomph in both our attacking and defensive play if we are going to make an impression on the other team. Player of the Match: Marianne P