Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Boys-U11A vs  SVS 6 a-side Tournament
On: Wednesday, 05 Jun 2019
Venue: Away

This is a great day out for all the boys, with plenty of cricket on offer. With each side having 5 overs, every person bowls just one over, except for the wicket keeper. A wide and no ball penalises the fielding side with 3 runs so the boys had to be accurate. When batting, you retire after scoring 25 runs. There being only 4 fielders, runs should be easy to come by and every dot ball is a big bonus. With 2 groups of 5 schools each, the top two sides go through to the semi finals. SRS won their group with wins against Kent College, Hazelwood, Hilden Grange and one close loss to Yardley Court. We were up against the hosts, SVS, in the semi- final and they posted a score of 62 runs, which is a good total (as a batting side, you are looking to score 60 plus runs). SRS were up with the run rate, thanks to Ned T, who once again had to retire after smashing a quick-fired 25 runs. With 10 needed off the last over, and with only 4 fielders, we must have been favourites to go through to the final. But, with credit to their bowler, who bowled a perfect 6 balls, including 3 dot balls, we fell agonisingly short by 5 runs. Overall, the boys performed well and they will have learned from this experience and be prepared for the next 6 a-side tournament at Tonbridge next week. Well done, lads.