Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls U8 Sky vs  The Mead School
On: Thursday, 16 May 2019
Venue: Away

The U8 Sky team travelled to The Neville Ground in Tunbridge Wells for their first Kwik-cricket match against The Mead. Our opponents (fielding a squad of 8 against our 10) won the toss and chose to bat. Lilly S opened the bowling with an accurate over (of six balls) and Minnie W followed by taking a wicket for the cost of just one run. Isabella B and Tilly TY both put in tremendous bowling performances and, with some quick reactions from our fielders, particularly Lilly and Minnie, The Mead was unable to score off either of their bowling. Wickets fell to Juno C, Merryn CC and Emily A, and Juno, alert in the field, managed a quick stumping off Tilly's bowling. The Mead put their first pair in to bat again as the fifth pair (to match our numbers) and, with growing confidence, they hit out to the short boundary a number of times, which resulted in the Mead ending on 239. SRS initially batted cautiously and unfortunately failed to protect the stumps effectively. With the loss of 3 wickets (-15 runs) after 4 overs, things were looking a bit shaky. However, Micaela M and Emily A came to the rescue with a great partnership, adding 23 runs to the total with some excellent 6s off Micaela's bat. There were further boundaries from Tilly TY, Carlotta MvdK and Jemima P, but The Mead brought back their first pair to bowl the final two overs and took 3 wickets (-15 runs) leaving SRS with a final score of 222. Well tried, girls - lots of encouraging play but plenty