Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls U9 Sky vs  Sutton Valence Preparatory School
On: Thursday, 09 May 2019
Venue: Away

As the boys' cricket at SVPS had already been cancelled, we took advantage and played on their wicket. It was a wet and blustery afternoon but the girls put their best feet forward and thoroughly enjoyed the game. We put SVPS in to bat first. Our bowling was a little inconsistent at first, as we struggled with the length and line of the ball. However, as we settled into the game, we gradually found our rhythm, bowling some great balls. Both Alice M and Bea E took wickets, which was fantastic! SVPS scored 241 with some great batting and not many runs gained from wide or no-balls. Michelle VDB and Freya B were the first pair in to bat for SRS. They faced quite a few wide/no-balls, earning 8 runs, but managed to score 7 off the bat thanks to some determined running between the wickets. This gave us a good start of 215. Alice M and Athena M took over. Alice M hit some super shots but again the bowlers struggled to find the right length and direction. With runs earned from batting and wide/no-balls, we extended our score to 232. With two pairs still left to bat, things were looking good as we chased down the score set by SVPS. Izzy A and Bea E batted convincingly, Izzy hitting a great shot across the boundary to score the only 4 of the match! This helped to take our score beyond SVPS (252), taking the pressure off and allowing Daisy A and Molly Z to tidy things up nicely at the end. Both girls batted well and made good contact with the ball, coupled with some alert and fast running between the wickets. With another 10 runs added to the score, we concluded the innings on 262. A lovely first match, girls, and plenty to work on next week. Well done.