Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls U9 Sky vs  Claremont Preparatory School
On: Thursday, 06 Jun 2019
Venue: Away

The girls enjoyed a fantastic game of cricket at Claremont. The team were split into two groups as Claremont only had 6 girls. The first team to take to the pitch included Freya B, Molly Z, Athena M, Alice M, Izzy A, Michelle VDB and Daisy A. We were put in to bat first. Michelle VDB and Izzy A opened up and set us off with an encouraging total of 14 runs. Freya B and Alice M took over with some impressing hitting. Freya scored 3 sixes and Alice a 4. They were quick to steal runs wherever possible and added an impressive 28 runs to the pot! Molly Z and Athena also batted well. Molly scored all 18 runs off the bat but unfortunately Athena fell to a wicket, which took 5 off the score. Daisy A and Freya concluded the innings, both scoring several 4s to finish on 275 overall. With the target set for Claremont to chase, we knew our fielding had to be on point. Claremont only had 6 girls so we matched them in the field, which meant covering far more space than we are usually accustomed to. The girls did a brilliant job overall. Our bowling is now far more consistent and we gave away very few runs for wide/no balls. Michelle VDB took a great catch and Alice M and Izzy A both took wickets when bowling. Claremont finished on 239, giving us the win. A great effort, girls, and a much- improved game overall. Very well done.

The second team to play included Bella B, Bea E, Rose L, Izzie L, Oriel M, Marianne P and Mischa W. This time we won the toss and elected to field first. Once again, bowling has improved immeasurably but we didn’t manage to take any wickets. We were also a little hesitant and indecisive when stopping the ball from crossing the boundary, giving away unnecessary 4s. Claremont also hit some great shots for 6, finishing on a total of 262 runs. Izzy L and Rose L were first up to bat, scoring 8 runs. Oriel M and Marianne P scored a couple of 4s but faced some unreliable bowling, making it difficult for them to hit the ball. Nevertheless they added a healthy 16 to the total. Mischa W and Bella B added 11 and Bea E and Oriel M 4. Again, we were a little too tentative with the bat, just tickling the ball rather than hitting assertively and running quickly between the stumps to steal runs. Final score was 239-262 to Claremont.