Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls U9 Navy vs  The Mead School
On: Thursday, 16 May 2019
Venue: Away

We mixed the girls up a bit this week as we also had matches at home against Vinehall. The Mead won the toss and put themselves in to bat first. As we are still trying hard to master the bowling technique, the girls were given a choice and could either bowl over or underarm. Freya B stepped up first and delivered a super 6 ball over (on a very short pitch), taking a wicket. Out in the field, things weren’t easy as the boundary was very small, limiting our ability to field many of the balls. We had to position ourselves right on the boundary in the hope that we could stop the ball in time. We were a little slow to react, anticipate direction and move our feet in enough time to position our bodies behind the oncoming ball. However, both Michelle VDB and Rose L took great catches. Unfortunately, we struggled a little with the line and length of our bowling. This resulted in many runs being given away for wide or no balls. The Mead set a score of 254 for us to chase. Freya B and Chloe C were first in to bat. Again we got off to a shaky start, losing 3 wickets (-15) which put us into the red. Thankfully, Freya found her form in the second over and hit some super 4s to bring our score back into the green. Michelle VDB did her bit to rectify the situation, again hitting some super 4s and running quickly between the wickets to steal important runs. Molly Z and Daisy A both batted well, scoring a couple of 6s each, which really helped to boost our score. As we chased the total set by The Mead, every run counted. On occasions we were a little slow off the mark and could have run but didn’t. We need to improve our ability to react to what is happening, making sure we are in the moment! Oriel M and Rose L concluded the innings with some steady batting and running, enough to win the match 267-254. Well done, girls. Players of the Match: Batter – Daisy A, Bowler – Michelle VDB