Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls-U12B vs  Claremont Preparatory School
On: Wednesday, 15 May 2019
Venue: Away

A lovely afternoon of sunshine-filled cricket at Claremont! We batted first and everyone managed to hit the ball outside the boundary for a 4 or 6 which was fantastic! The girls worked well in their pairs, communicating with each other whether to run or stay. The pairs were Meika R/Rose M, Harriet A/Eleanor S, Mathilda E/Sophie M and Romola W/Maddy B. All the girls put in a good performance when bowling, too, but Rose M and Mathilda E stood out with some brilliant balls. Unfortunately, no wickets were taken but we came close. We could tighten up our fielding, making sure we mark all areas of the boundary and pass the ball directly to our team mates. Overall, well played U12Bs! The final score was SRS 296 runs to Claremont 273 runs.