Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Boys-U11A vs  Kent College Preparatory School
On: Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019
Venue: tbc

As cross country races go, we couldn’t have asked for a finer day than that which heralded the final meeting of the season: wind, rain hail… and mud! All credit to Ben Allberry of Kent College Pembury for allowing it to go ahead (it wasn’t actually raining at 11am when he had to make the call!), and awe, admiration and credit in abundance to the children who stood shivering on the start line, ready to compete.

The course at Kent College is tough on a good day: run over farmland, with a taxing uphill climb of a good 150m just before the final sweep to the finish, the children had to run with an extra kilogram of mud stuck to the bottom of their boots – this was not a race to attempt in trainers!

As the U11 boys emerged from the minibus (we decided to keep them in the dry until it was time for their race), Mrs F had had the inspiration to make use of the bin liners thrust at her by a departing Mrs H (taking the U9s back to school!)to cover the boys while they warmed up. Only Oscar B availed himself of this attractive item of clothing… and it did the job! The boys could not actually believe that they were expected to run in the deplorable conditions, but the presence of athletes from other schools on the start line convinced them that it was a race worth running. An extra kilo of mud had attached itself to their boots by the time they had covered 100m, but they battled through, Jack E leading them home with a fantastic run (all the more so considering he had competed at Malvern just two days before). We were unable to record the results such was the extent of the wind and rain, but Oscar B and Max M battled it out as second and third scorers, with Jacob J (a stalwart of the U11 boys’ team) finishing 33rd. The boys’ team was fourth of nine, just two points off Hazelwood in third.

Well done lads, you did yourselves proud!