Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Mixed-U13B vs  Marlborough House School
On: Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019
Venue: at Home

Saint Ronan’s Sabre Fencers Victorious Over MHS

In this term’s friendly fencing fixture against Marlborough House we once again had to lend some fencers to our guests. Apart from Ronians fencing Ronians this also had the effect that everyone was able to fence more. So special thanks to Florence M and Emma B for stepping up to the mark, being selfless and agreeing to fence for the opposition.

The Ronians teams were as follows: Emma B (fencing for MHS), Liv E, Amelie G and Angus H in the seniors and Aggie E, Flora H, Florence M (fencing for MHS) and Clara S in the juniors.

The seniors immediately took the lead 5-3 and never lost it, pulling quickly ahead to leave MHS more stunned than anything. By the third bout, we had found our pace and gave away very few points after that. Angus lunged beautifully and also managed to land some excellent stop cuts. Liv parried well and kept her attacks open, confusing her opponents. Amelie fenced elegantly as ever, but aggressively, becoming a veritable whirlwind of blades (the final bout between Amelie and Callum of MHS can be seen on the video). Emma, for MHS, had some great parries and forceful attacks that were difficult to read and thus parry. The final score was 45-21.

The juniors had more difficulties, not least because Florence proved to be a formidable opponent, racking up 17 points in total for MHS with her well-timed attacks. Clara, however, quickly turned our fortunes around and after 10-7 we never lost the lead. Aggie attacked aggressively and parried well, Flora used her strong parry-ripostes to gain the upper hand and Clara varied her game, sometimes attacking, sometimes making her opponents miss, to gain vital points. Although the MHS fencers had never been on a piste before, they gained an impressive 31 points, but it was not enough to win. We beat them 45-31.

Very well done to all fencers! Once again it was a hugely enjoyable afternoon. Thank you to all the parents who came to support our team as well as to the catering team for producing such a delicious match tea.