Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Mixed-U13B vs  Holmewood House School
On: Thursday, 07 Feb 2019
Venue: Away

Finalists, but Not Winners

In our traditional termly debate against Holmewood House and Marlborough House, MHS had to cancel, so it was only SRS and HH. Given this, we decided to field two teams of three debaters each. The year 8 team comprised Ruby B, Emma B and Evie Sa; the year 7 team was made up of Ted H, Joe T and Romola W. As always, the debate topics were given out there.

The year 7s were debating for the first time, but did very well, narrowly losing (by half a point) their first debate, where they opposed the motion “online shopping has a negative effect on society”. The next debate saw them opposing again; this time the motion was “Exams under the age of 14 are pointless”. Having learnt from the feedback given after their first round, they argued better and worked much better as a team. Ted fielded points of information well, Joe spoke eloquently and Romola made assertive statements. Although they won the second round, they did not make it to the final. However, they did very well for their first debating competition and can be rightly proud of their achievements.

In the first round the year 8s were debating against the motion that “Humanity should fear AI”. With good teamwork and some excellent points, they won that debate and then went on to argue that “Arts are more important than science”; though backing the right horse, they lost to Holmewood House, but they had argued well enough to enter the final. The final saw both A teams face off; the motion was “Social media is killing the art of communication” and our team opposed it. Emma started us off with a spirited talk full of verve; this was followed up by Ruby, who presented facts in a forceful and persuasive manner. Evie rounded our trio off, referring well to previous points and underlining our points again emphatically, supporting her arguments with examples. Despite a fantastic effort, we lost by two points in what was a very close debate.

Congratulations to all debaters and a big thank you to the parents that came to support them.