Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Boys-U11A vs  Dulwich Prep Cranbrook
On: Wednesday, 30 Jan 2019
Venue: at Home

The final game of the season proved to be a spectacle full of speed, skill, strength, tension and drama. The two teams were evenly-matched and just when the momentum seemed to be with one, the other wrestled it back. DCPS. attacked in narrow channels, with support close to the ball carrier. Saint Ronan's struggled to hold their shape and good continuity from the guests resulted in two early tries. Ned T and Bruno H scored to level the game but a defensive lapse meant that DCPS. went into half time leading 3 - 2. The second half saw a vast improvement in the Saint Ronan's team. They carried the ball with greater intent and improved the execution of their of their passes, resulting in more space out wide. This, in turn, stretched the DCPS. defensive line, creating more gaps to exploit in the mid-field. Ed M and Wilby W finished two lovely team tries, after nice carries by Ludo R and Matthew G-R. Just when a home team win seemed inevitable, DCPS. replied with two good tries and once again the result was in the balance. The difference between the teams proved to be Ned's ability to break a tiring defensive line, allowing him to score three more tries. Final score: 7 - 5 to Saint Ronan's. Man of the Match: Ned T