Match Report
Saint Ronan's School U8 Navy vs  Sacred Heart School Wadhurst
On: Thursday, 28 Feb 2019
Venue: at Home

The girls opened their season with an unusual game against a team of boys. The athleticism, power, speed and agility of the boys’ game presented our girls with an exciting challenge over the course of the afternoon. We were like rabbits in the headlights for the first few minutes as the boys ambushed an attack through our defence and scored easily. Realising we had to do something to stop them, the blocking we’d been practicing in training sessions started to take effect. Minnie W and Ellie S did their best to hold up any attacking runs but the boys’ quick-thinking and athletic passing allowed them to move the ball quickly around any barriers and into the goal. There were some promising moments of play when we found the space to dodge and cradle or pass the ball towards our goal. Bella B, Lucienne SD and Juno C all took their chances and scored. A challenging match against the boys but an equally valuable learning experience. Well done, girls.