Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls-U12B vs  Claremont Preparatory School
On: Wednesday, 30 Jan 2019
Venue: at Home

Due to last minute absences, the B squad facing Claremont hadn't played together as a team before but were quick to adjust and, on the whole, remembered to be considerate and supportive towards each other, to hold their space and use the familiar order of play down the court. Florence S, Tess D and Meika R worked energetically in mid-court; Lotty C at GD defended relentlessly, intercepting and tipping many balls; and Iris L at GK grabbed any poor pass to Claremont's GS. At the other end, the familiar shooting pair of Olivia E and Eleanor S worked well together, around and inside the shooting circle. Saint Ronan’s was ahead throughout almost the whole match, although the girls did get a bit rattled and erratic when Claremont fought back to 7-7 in Q3. After a quick chat, the girls regained their confidence and positive attitude, playing out the match to win 13-8. Well done, girls! Players of the Match: Eleanor S and Florence S.