Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls-U11B vs  Dulwich Prep Cranbrook
On: Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019
Venue: Away

The girls played extremely well and their improvement is measurable, considering that we lost to DCPS in the first match of the season before Christmas. Their passing and timing of runs into space were well-coordinated and their play was fast and slick, enabling Kitty and Rachel B to deliver clever balls to Hannah C and Darcy G who netted the goals. Willow O was athletic and made many interceptions and Anna B and Cordelia E closed down their shooters with tight marking. In the second half, Kitty took over as centre and, with Lizzie H, kept the ball mostly in our third. However, by the 4th quarter everyone had trouble holding on to the ball as there was little feeling left in their very cold fingers! A very good team effort, well done! Players of the Match: Willow O and Kitty F.