Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls U9 Sky vs  Vinehall School
On: Thursday, 17 Jan 2019
Venue: Away

The girls really enjoyed their first match of the new year and the hockey season! We played 5 a-side, with a squad of 7, so rolling subs were made throughout the game. As individuals the girls are developing great skills and have much to offer, so the key to this group’s success is going to be harnessing these attributes and working together to achieve success. With this in mind, the girls worked hard to hold their positions and use all the channels. Freya B was assertive up front and Michelle VDB and Daisy A were solid in defence, distributing the ball successfully to Molly Z and Alice M on the wings. Daisy, in particular, was unpassable and put in some very solid block tackles, winning the ball every time. Molly and Alice both used the width of the pitch to good advantage before crossing the ball into the D for someone to strike at goal. Textbook! Remembering the 4 G’s – Get the ball, Give the ball, Go and Get the ball again) we created some excellent goal-scoring opportunities by passing and then driving forwards, ahead of the ball, to provide another option. Freya B, Alice M and Molly Z were fearless in the D, converting 3 goals (Freya 2, Alice 1). Izzy A also played well in defence, putting in some great tackles, and Athena M made a good contribution in midfield by moving the ball forwards and creating some exciting attacking play. Very promising start, girls. Well done. Player of the Match: Daisy A.