Match Report
Saint Ronan's School 4th XI vs  Rose Hill School
On: Wednesday, 07 Nov 2018
Venue: Away


4th XI v Rose Hill

If the following report finds it hard to distinguish between players or what precisely was going on at any phase of the game this is not due to your correspondent’s lack of knowledge of the beautiful game (though indubitably profound), but squarely to be blamed on the sheet rain which persisted throughout the 40 minutes of play at a steady rate and angle achieving maximum penetration through to socks and shirts. We had faced Rose Hill before, so had a good idea of what we were in for and who to mark. This knowledge undoubtedly helped as the Rose Hill top players had little chance to unfold their skill. After the whistle blew to start the game we put pressure on Rose Hill and spent most of the first half in their half. A lucky goal from Rose Hill meant the score at half time was 0-1 to them. Before that training paid off and I saw a number of beautiful passes, in particular between Humphrey B and Jack F going forwards. Jaspar S was excellent in defence and Marcus H and Finlay W great midfielders (if that is where they were) and Oli L indispensable on the wing. But, if truth be told, all played well and with great focus and enthusiasm, despite their steady weight increase due to the rain. Thus it was that I did the unpardonable and praised the day before the evening (as the Austrian saying goes). The second half started more lacklustre and our playing nosedived. Maybe it was the rain that had finally dampened our spirits or the fact that we had neither life buoys nor swimming trunks, which would have both been more appropriate than football gear. At some point near the end I think the team gave up caring and no longer wanted to play football, just for the ordeal to be over. Which it then was, but not before Rose Hill scored another 3 goals and Finlay W, after multiple pirouettes and cross passes to and fro in front of their goal, finally managed to follow the instructions being bellowed from the sidelines and shoot the ball into the goal. The score of 4-1 is not a fair reflection of the game at all as we played much better than the score shows and in no way can those numbers convey the discomfort and dreariness of the incessant rain.