Match Report
Saint Ronan's School U8 Navy vs  Marlborough House School
On: Thursday, 07 Mar 2019
Venue: at Home

The Navy team enjoyed their match against the MHS A team. Possession was balanced throughout the game, making for some exciting play. MHS were off the mark first and were quick to score with a super goal which woke us up! We replied with a strong centre pass and a speedy attacking run towards the goal to equalise. Picking up ground balls quickly, before being contested by the opposition, was an issue so more practice on this next week. Otherwise there were some very encouraging moments: we blocked well in defence, preventing the MHS ball carrier from reaching the goal and forcing passes that we could then try and intercept. At the other end we dodged and moved the ball well to create some good scoring opportunities. The score stood at 2-1 at half time, with both teams adding to their totals in the second half, to finish with a win for SRS 4-2. Well played to Minnie W, Juno C, Carlotta MvdK, Lucienne SD, Ellie S, Micaela M and Emily A.