Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Mixed-U13B vs  Holmewood House School
On: Thursday, 18 Oct 2018
Venue: Away

Talking Our Way to Success

In our first debating competition of this year against old rivals Marlborough House and Holmewood House, we fielded a host of new talent that competed in this format for the first time: Ruby B and Evie Sh were our one team and Evie Sa and Matthew H our other one.

In the preheats each team faced one team from the other two schools. Evie and Matthew first had to argue that maths and science should not have more curriculum time as they are not that important – with Mrs Lucassen, their former science teacher (and Matthew’s mother), listening! Despite some good points they lost to Holmewood House’s A team. Meanwhile, Ruby and Evie chose to argue that the prime minister should be elected every year. Working well as a team, they won against MHS.

In the second round Evie and Matthew faced MHS and had to argue that to be successful in life these days you only need a hefty bank balance and good looks. Obviously their accompanying teacher did not inspire them sufficiently and they lost, although they debated well, held lively speeches and raised searching points of information. Ruby and Evie argued that we should not ban cycles from roads, interpreting cycles widely to include motorbikes as well (thank you!). Their defence of fitness and bi-rotary travel convinced, and they won again.

As all three A teams had won both their debates a score tally decided on entry into the final. We made the cut and so Ruby and Evie faced Holmewood House to argue university is not a luxury and does equip you for real life. The topic was hotly contested with points of information flying to and fro. Ruby argued well and made important points, Evie backing her up and driving home their message with great verbal dexterity. In the end one point decided between winners and second place and the debate went to Holmewood.

It was a great afternoon, enjoyed by all. The fact we did not win was somewhat softened by the delicious brownies afterwards.