Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Mixed-U13B vs  Gad's Hill School
On: Tuesday, 04 Dec 2018
Venue: at Home

Senior B team

The senior B team saw Florence M on the piste for the first time, together with fencing veterans Aggie E, Flora H and Clara S (until she was pulled over to assist the A team). We started off well with Aggie storming forwards and shattering through Gad’s Hill’s defences effectively. Clara followed up with her lightning-quick attacks and fluid footwork. Flora showed her strength in blocking the opponent’s attacks and then going in for the kill, while Florence, on her first outing, garnered an impressive number of points with her bold attacks and parries. It was a close competition most of the way and was a nail-biting 38-40 before the final bout. We won, but only just, 45-44.

Fencing against the senior A team was a tough order, especially as this was without Clara. Even a last-minute rescue attempt by Liv cold not change the course of the match and we lost 29-45.