Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Mixed-U13A vs  Gad's Hill School
On: Tuesday, 04 Dec 2018
Venue: at Home

Senior A team

The set-up of our team changed considerably throughout the afternoon due to diverse circumstances, but this raised no eyebrows with our opponents, as befits a friendly competition. We started off with Emma B, Amelie G and Angus H, but on Emma injuring herself during a spectacular piece of missed footwork, Clara S (from the senior Bs) jumped in. In the second round Liv E complemented our numbers.

Against Gad’s Hill A we led from the start, Amelie giving us a comfortable lead with her smooth and irresistible feint attacks. Angus continued the trend with his long lunges and well-times stop-cuts. Emma consolidated our lead with her enigmatic attacks and constant variations of tactic. Until she went down. This led to Gad’s Hill taking the lead 30-28. Angus picked up the fight well and Clara, suddenly called to fence in the As held the fort well. Amelie, as last fencer, made up a lot of lost points, but we had to concede a very narrow 44-45 defeat.

The subsequent match against Gad’s Hill B was a simpler affair and Clara, Angus, Amelie and Liv retained control throughout, with Gad’s Hill not really ever coming close. The fight ended 45-33 to us.