Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Mixed-U13A vs  Marlborough House School
On: Tuesday, 20 Nov 2018
Venue: at Home

Fighting Against Ourselves

Friendly Fencing Fixture v Marlborough House, 20th November 2018

Due to other commitments Marlborough House unfortunately turned up with only four fencers. As we had eight, we thought we’d make the friendly fixture completely friendly and let two of our fencers fence for Marlborough House. Funnily enough, this had the result that the competition was a lot fiercer between the Ronian fencers. Kind as we are, we didn’t give them our worst fencers, but one of the top two for each team so that the balance would be interesting, if not necessarily even. The teams were therefore as follows:

A team – Emma B, Liv E, Angus H, with Amelie G fencing for MHS

B team – Jo Jo C M, Flora H, Clara S, with Aggie E fencing for MHS

After clothing and clock-reading issues were sorted, the A team started well, with Liv bringing us into the lead with strong parries and some perfectly executed feints. Amelie, fencing beautifully and quickly (but for the wrong side), turned the score around briefly, 15-14, but after that it was Saint Ronan’s all the way. Emma, our captain, kept her attacks open and varied her game the whole time, making it very hard to read where she was going to attack. Angus used his height and reach to great effect for attacks as well as stop-cuts, where he hits an attacking opponent before they have a chance to finish their attack. Amelie brought danger to us time and again, notching up the score to 28-30 and then 38-40, but despite her best efforts (and they were very much best and accomplished), we won 45-40.

The juniors started more indefinitely: after a first fight in which Clara narrowly beat Aggie (it’s always a joy to watch two old friends and opponents square off on the piste), Jo Jo, making her debut on the piste, scored some important points, but lost the lead to MHS, making it 8-10. Flora attacked vigorously and also brought some startling parry-ripostes to bear and brought us back into a more comfortable lead 15-11. Thereafter we retained our lead, Clara attacking quickly or making her opponent miss to gain points and Jo Jo settling into the rhythm of fencing nicely and attacking with alacrity and holding some strong parries. MHS never really came close despite Aggie launching some spectacular attacks and putting pressure on her fencing friends. We won a respectable 45-36.

I was hugely impressed by the level of fencing we displayed in both teams and really enjoyed refereeing the competition. Thank you to all the parents for coming and supporting so enthusiastically. It was a great evening and I look forward to our next fixture.