Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls-U13A vs  Junior Knole Run - Sevenoaks SChool
On: Friday, 16 Nov 2018
Venue: Away

It was one of the mistiest, murkiest Junior Knole runs in recent years as the six Saint Ronan’s girls took their place amongst two hundred and thirty seven nervous, jostling youngsters on the start line in ‘The Spur’ of Knole Park.

As the starting siren sounded, they streamed down the valley and around a sweeping right-hand bend on which Lottie H was a casualty, losing her footing on the wet, slippery ground. Undaunted, she picked herself up and carried on (good girl!). Bea W had a strong start, picking her way through the field as they ascended the course’s major hill, with Jemima S working her way through with her customary determination. Lettice A and Freya G were the next Saint Ronan’s girls to pass ‘coach’ on their way up to the wooded ground, with the blue hooped vests on Millie DH and Lottie H coming through just behind (as Y6s they were gaining experience of the course, running well, at the bottom of the age-group).

Having cleared the narrow, twisting section through the woods, the runners negotiated a steep downhill and a sharp left turn to the valley floor where the race to the finish was a slightly downhill (read ‘fast’) kilometre which sapped the energy of the girls pushing for the line.

First to cross the line was Bea (58), improving 34 places on her position last year. Just forty-one seconds, and forty-three places behind her came Jemima (101), again improving on last year’s race by 26 places. It was the two Y6 girls who made up the scoring team for the girls, Lottie (153) and Millie (154) pushing for home with great determination and drive. Lettice (164) and Freya (165), possibly distracted by thoughts of the ‘cute’ deer seen snuffling around the kit bags at the base, put in good final sprints for the line but could perhaps have committed themselves a little earlier in the race.

Still, a good effort by the girls, the scoring team finishing twenty-eighth of the fifty two complete teams at one of the most prestigious races on the cross country calendar. Well done ladies!