Match Report
Saint Ronan's School 4th XI vs  Dulwich Prep Cranbrook
On: Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018
Venue: at Home

The Final Countdown

On their final outing it seemed that the team were out to prove a number of physical laws, all of which would have delighted Richie, no doubt, though the result probably less so. We started more philosophically, with the ball bumbling between legs and neither legs nor ball moving much. This was true of a lot of the game and the phases started to resemble microparticle experiments at CERN where the particles mill around in a dense cloud just nudging one another a bit till one suddenly achieves escape velocity and whizzes off on a pathway all of its own to then collide either with another player, the goalie or, unfortunately more rarely, with the goal. We scored an early goal through just one such escape run by Charlie M who skipped unstoppably past the few opponents between him and the goal and then netted the ball. We had a number of other good chances, either due to the particle cloud moving closer to Dulwich’s goal or other breakaway actions, all of them involving Charlie, but none of them materialized as goals, all remaining potential. After a goal kick from Dulwich which went straight to Archie de F, he kicked the ball stoutly, but was foiled by the goalpost being placed just a few inches too far to the left, which defended where the goalie could not. This also happened to Dulwich in the second half, which started one all, after Dulwich had had a good run at the goal and scored (another one of those escaped particle moments). In the second half Dulwich were playing downhill and, with the rules of inertia against us, goalie Angus H had all his gloved hands full to keep Dulwich from scoring. Gethan T and Thomas W repeatedly tried to pass the ball up, but we never managed to get far enough before gravity, slope, legs and a lack of kinetic energy ground us to a halt. After a goal kick didn’t go far enough and the defence failed to clear the ball Dulwich scored the 2-1 and, with our defence not tight enough again, soon afterwards the 3-1, which was the final score. All in all a good game and, despite the score, a fairly close game.