Match Report
Saint Ronan's School 4th XI vs  Rose Hill School
On: Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018
Venue: at Home

Relaxation about how the match would run ceased fairly abruptly only about 3 minutes into the game when Rose Hill, with strong and long passes, scored their first goal. Determined not to be caught out again, we double secured everything, working with belt and braces. And this became the theme of the match: where usually one person would suffice, there were suddenly two, sometimes assisting each other, sometimes getting in each other’s way. Unfortunately, as inspired as this decision may have seemed, it left us fewer people to pass to. Nonetheless, we managed quite a few counter-attacks, but this was usually Jack F breaking free on his own, finding no-one to pass to and then having to take a shot himself, no matter from which position. Indeed, Jack scored all of our three goals. Our defence was kept busy and Rose Hill made goalie Angus H jump and stretch and roll and throw himself to the floor. He defended well in many tricky situations, but had to concede another 4 goals. Dillon R provided much-needed assistance, but too often failed to pass the ball away in time. Jasper S was worth his weight in gold in defence with a lead foot that let few pass and with strong kicks forwards. And ultimately this is where Rose Hill had the edge on us: they passed more forcefully and more precisely. We worked harder for the ball, true, but more often than not our work was a bit like bumblebees in summer: all bumbling around the same flowerhead. All in all a good game though, which we lost 5-3.