Match Report
Saint Ronan's School 5th XI vs  Triangular with Vinehall & SR's 4th IX
On: Wednesday, 03 Oct 2018
Venue: at Home

In my parallel report I wrote that Matthew H was omnipresent, a role taken on in this match by Gethan T who did some spectacular running with the ball, weaving in and out of Vinehall. The word was carefully chosen as I had an epiphany during this fixture on the nature of the Trinity. It has always been a mystery to me (as indeed it is meant to be), but I came close to resolving it watching our defence trio of Ace P, Kit H and Seamus O: they were three people, but also just one, partially much to the astonishment of the Vinehall strikers who only had to pass one to have a goal shot. And they had plenty of those. Thomas W did fantastic work in goal and was kept leaping, diving, catching and kicking all way through the match. The first goal scored by Vinehall somehow happened: no-one knows how or why. My theory is the ball was lying close to the goal, mistook it for a hammock and decided to jump in. After that the game heated up. Tom P and Charlie B built up some good attacks, but much like a wave hitting a shallow shore, they sort of fizzled and foamed out with no-one out front to pass to. In fact we were far too close to one another most of the time, leading coach Mr. Fox to formulate a mathematical puzzle on how many football players you can squeeze into a certain area of the pitch. I think the answer is different depending on whether the ball is in that same area or not. Overall though a good match to watch, it ended an unlucky 3-0.