Match Report
Saint Ronan's School 5th XI vs  Sevenoaks School
On: Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018
Venue: at Home

Stumped with the Oaks

5th XI v Sevenoaks School Prep

My second stint at refereeing was with the much more forgiving 5th XI, who gently corrected when I inadvertently called goalie’s ball when it was in fact a corner (twice!). With those small exceptions Rafferty’s rules prevailed and the game flowed fairly freely.

Sevenoaks started uphill, but with a very strong and forceful side. With the rallying cry “midget swarm” our defence and middle field did just that (not that they are that small), descending on the ball whenever a Sennockian (if that’s what they are called) came close to our penalty area. However, having blocked the ball, we did too little to play it away, and so our game resembled more a pinball machine than strategic football. Thomas W in goal fought well, and whenever they got hold of the ball our strikers Harry A and Charlie M countered dangerously. However, Sevenoaks were too dominant and our defence a bit too erratic and we received four goals in fairly quick succession. After half time most of the play was in our half (with some spectacular counter moves and a few real goal chances – don’t think, shoot Harry!), but we held out much better and somehow managed to keep kicking the ball away from our goal if not towards theirs. Joe T, Matthew H and Felix R in midfield did sterling work chasing the ball and looking for opportunities, but passing was ultimately not precise enough. Nonetheless, we finished the match without a further goal against us 0-4.