Match Report
Saint Ronan's School 3rd XI vs  Bethany School
On: Wednesday, 12 Sep 2018
Venue: Away

Obstacles on the Way

In the first match of the season the 3rd XI played Bethany in three thirds with shifting players. It was clearly visible that this was the first match and that the players were rusty from the summer sun as they initially looked more like they were hanging around for a social gathering than on a football pitch. Bethany used this clumping of Ronians to sneak a first goal past a cluster. However, playing improved and by the end of the match we were beautifully spaced out and playing positions much better. One thing we consistently excelled in was getting in the way; unfortunately this applied to our own team as much as the opponents. It did mean that we thwarted many goal chances of Bethany and indefatigable defenders Jaspar S and Charlie S must be mentioned as bulwarks against any attack. A high chip against which there really was no remedy brought the score to 2-0. A fast counter-attack led by Charlie E and finished off by Charlie B notched the score up to 1-2. We had a few more good chances, but often the ball was alone out front and even Charlie E was not fast enough to reach it before Bethany’s goalie picked it up. Bethany took advantage of a breakdown in communication between our goalie (a very busy and enthusiastic Angus H) and the defence to seal their victory 3-1. All in all an enjoyable match with both sides more or less evenly matched, but Bethany just a touch better on the footwork and more precise with the passes.