Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls U11B vs  Dulwich Prep Cranbrook
On: Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018
Venue: at Home

The girls started well. Crisp passing and strong tackling meant that we had a good amount of possession. We could not always keep the discipline of maintaining our positions so that we could stretch the opposition by moving the ball wide. Honor L and Anna B worked well at the back together, covering the middle well, and Anya R and Kitty F tracked back to close the space. Honor L sent good passes to Kitty F on the left and Kitty was then able to send crosses to Esme C and Anya R in the centre. This is where we scored our goal: Anya to Kitty to Esme, back to Anya, who scored. A lovely move, using the width of the pitch. Anya was then looking right and sent some good passes to Suriya R. They were unlucky not to score more but the Dulwich goalie was superb. At half time, it was 1-1 and the second half was close. We were sadly running out of steam and left space for Dulwich to score again. This was a close game and the girls’ play is improving each week. Well done girls! Player of the Match: Anya R