Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls U11A vs  Vinehall School
On: Wednesday, 19 Sep 2018
Venue: at Home

The girls have worked hard this week and in the match were trying to implement what they are learning: using all the pitch; applying pressure and being more competitive and assertive! We achieved the first two! The girls had difficulty keeping the ball in the Vinehall half so were not able to apply pressure in the D. However, they did crowd the ball carrier and this pressure prevented Vinehall from scoring in the first half. Cordelia E made a few good saves, but did not have to make as many as the possession would suggest. In the second half, most of the play was in the middle, and Vinehall had more chances at goal, until Millie DH took a free hit quickly. Her lovely hard pass found Lottie H in the middle, who collected, and cool as a cucumber slotted the ball past the goalie. With seven excellent outfield players for six places, the best part of the afternoon was how they all took 4 minutes off and were able to come on in any position and not affect the team’s performance. Well done Girls! Player of the Match: everyone!