Match Report
Saint Ronan's School 4th XI vs  Vinehall School
On: Wednesday, 03 Oct 2018
Venue: at Home

With the triangular nature of the tournament against Vinehall, I was relegated to journalistic duties and had the pleasure not only of giving the game of our players my undivided attention, but of witnessing (after my feeble attempts) how refereeing is done properly, in this case by Ronan. We started uphill and it was an uphill struggle, both literally and metaphorically. With the incline on their side, Vinehall scored two goals in the first half. Our attack had some good opportunities, but did not pass enough to make the most of these. Our defence and midfield were somewhat flummoxed by the odd habit that Vinehall had of passing the ball before they were tackled and thus bringing it forwards instead of letting it get entangled in our legs. That said, Alex M in defence was everywhere and fought hard for the ball, Matthew H in midfield was equally omnipresent. Charlie K was also indefatigable and had a brief comic skit as wobble man, when Vinehall persistently kicked the ball at him, expecting him to fall down, but he kept on getting up to take the next ball on the chin, in the stomach, on the back – wherever it was going. Finlay W, despite a bad foot, did some expert running down the line, a feat which was rewarded with a goal. Jack F also caught the back of the net with the ball, but Vinehall scored a third goal, bringing the final score 3-2 to Vinehall.