Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls-U8 Sky vs  Marlborough House School
On: Thursday, 27 Sep 2018
Venue: Away

There was much excitement as we took to the courts at MHS for our first netball match for SRS. In the first quarter, our nerves got the better of us and we were pretty shaky and a little overwhelmed. We didn’t really dodge for the ball and failed to mark our opponents, giving MHS the space they needed to get the ball up to their shooters and score. Knowing how well the girls have performed in training, a quick team chat at quarter time set us back on the right track. The girls lifted their game and scored in Q2 to level the game. As their confidence grew, their netball went from strength to strength, passing quickly and efficiently up the court and timing our movement for the ball well. We scored again in the 3rd quarter, to take the lead for the first time 3-2, then two more goals followed in the final quarter. Tilly TY and Bea M are developing a fantastic partnership in the shooting circle, learning to read the game and each other’s movements in order to get into the best possible position. They scored some super goals, 5 in total! Isabella B was a speedy and feisty WA, dodging well and chasing every ball. Lilly S performed the role of Centre brilliantly, athletically linking our defending and attacking ends of the court and securing the passage of the ball up the court towards our shooters. In defence, Juno C, Jemima G, Jemima P and Carlotta MvdK all marked their opponents well. Jemima P and Carlotta kept their eye on the ball (as well as their opponent) to make some well-timed interceptions and prevent MHS goal-scoring opportunities. Altogether a fantastic team effort and a wonderful first match! There is huge potential to unlock and I can’t wait to get back on the courts with the girls next week to improve our game further. Very well done. Player of the Match: Lilly S