Match Report
Saint Ronan's School 3rd XI vs  St Andrew's Prep, Eastbourne
On: Wednesday, 19 Sep 2018
Venue: at Home

Handy and Victorious

Most people would think as a referee one has the best view of the game and can report on it best, as one is, or should be, in the centre of the action. Well, having had to referee the match, despite being of the stoical, non-interventionist school of refereeing, yours truly can tell you that you’re so involved in following which leg the ball bounced off last that you barely notice faces or players. The following match report should therefore be taken with a generous helping of salt.

Both teams fielded 12 players, so at times it felt a bit crowded, but it also meant we had the manpower and back-up we needed in tight situations, of which there were many. Although playing uphill first, we started with strong attacks which rolled beautifully from the back to the forwards where Aston B in particular whizzed around looking for weaknesses in St Andrew’s defence. After a number of close calls, he found them and scored two goals in fairly quick succession. St Andrew’s countered numerous times, but despite several major failings in our purportedly tightly-knitted mesh of defenders failed to score immediately. Jasper S and Angus H once again did sterling work, but we mainly didn’t clear the ball quickly enough. After a throw-in which went spectacularly wrong St. Andrew’s scored to bring the score to 2-1 at half-time. With the terrain now in our favour, the boys really turned up the pressure and incessantly pushed forwards. Dylan R played well in midfield, dancing like a virtuoso around the ball; it would have been nice – and no diminishment of his elegance – if every now and then he had actually played it to someone rather than losing it after a frenzied series of pirouettes &c. Oli L worked indefatigably in mid-field, too. Finlay W scored the 3-1 and then Benedict L brought the final score to 4-1 after unsuccessfully having tried to pull the wool over my eyes by punching a corner ball into the goal. All in all it was a fun match which was played in high spirits and with verve.