Match Report
Saint Ronan's School 4th XI vs  Holmewood House School
On: Wednesday, 10 Oct 2018
Venue: Away

Evenly Matched, but Unevenly Scored

It was clear from the start that this match was well into the term because the team had obviously practiced certain moves and had had several strategy sessions. For the first time they spread out more and did not all clump or chase the ball. They also tried to outplay the opponents by passing around them in a triangular fashion (I’m sure there’s some technical term for this, but it eludes me). However, the passing was not quite precise enough and the speed of play too contemplative to get the better of Holmewood House. Our defence was more solid and Thomas W, Tom P and Matthew H blocked well. Holmewood went into the lead early with an unstoppable high arcing ball into the back of the net. Their second goal was of the stoppable kind, but in a moment of forgetfulness or similar Thomas only touched it as if to wish it well on its journey into the goal. Our main weakness was strike. Countless times the ball came forward (there was a time when the goalies seemed to be kicking the ball to each other), but our forwards usually couldn’t keep the ball or develop it. Speed and hunger were somewhat missing there. It also would have helped if the forwards had actually faced forwards, rather than back to their own goal. It is, so I’m told, very difficult to play with the back of the feet in a direction you can’t see. We missed one excellent chance after a throw-in by Matthew H and a cross by Max B. The ball bumbled right across the goal of Holmewood at a leisurely pace with not a defender in sight and the goalie staring at his laces. But - alas! – both the forwards we had in perfect shooting positions missed and waved an easy goal chance a warm farewell. In a similar situation in the second half Archie D managed to score, notching up the score for us. Unfortunately, Holmewood scored two more goals: one another beauty in the top right corner of the goal. All in all, the boys played really well and I have not seen that much strategic thinking and passing to avoid the opponents in all the matches this term. It’s just a pity that the fact the teams were fairly evenly matched did not reflect in the final score of 4-1.