Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Boys-U13A vs  Junior Knole
On: Friday, 15 Nov 2019
Venue: Away

Hosted by Sevenoaks School, the Junior Knole Run is arguably the most prestigious event on the junior cross country calendar, attracting private and state schools from across the South East. Nearly 450 girls and boys from 36 schools competed in Knole Park on courses of 2.6km and 3.4km, testing stamina, resilience, tenacity and perseverance.

Of the five boys representing the school, only Jack E had experienced the event before, making his debut last year in Y6. On Friday, he was joined by Hector P, Bruno H and two plucky lads from Y6, Oscar B and Jacob J. 250 boys jostled for position on the start and, as they swept down The Spur and into the valley, the Saint Ronan’s boys were grouped well, albeit towards the back of the field. Ascending the first long hill, they all worked hard and, encouraged by vocal support, started moving past boys who were struggling with the muddy ascent. After a mile and a half of hard running, the boys had another challenging hill to climb. All five of them attacked the incline with real determination, stoically putting one foot in front of the other and pumping their arms hard. The final descent and 200m race to the finish was a sight to behold, boys slip-sliding down the hill in the mud and tumbling on the corner. Not one of our boys lost their footing and all of them put in amazing sprint finishes, speeding past other runners as they fought to the line. First to cross was Jack, (151, 16.48); just two seconds separated Bruno (159, 17.02), Oscar (162, 17.03) and Jacob (164, 17.04) and Hector (‘that is the fastest I’ve ever run in my life… even faster than that short race at Sports Day!’) stormed past eight runners as he powered across the line in 211th (18.33). Mrs Fagg was hoarse from shouting and had tears in her eyes! The boys finished 36th of 51 teams, very good for such an inexperienced group. Well done.