Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls-U13B vs  Skippers Hill Manor Preparatory School
On: Wednesday, 04 Dec 2019
Venue: at Home

The U13B squad of 8 faced Skipper's Hill A team at home on Wednesday. The play was competitive and of a good standard. The first 2 quarters were very closely contested: 2-2 at end of Q1, 2-3 at half time. Both teams were determined and executed well-timed dodges and passes. Skipper's Hill were particularly quick off the centre pass, with some set piece play. Lettice's unfortunate fall and replacement just before half time necessitated changes of positions on court for Q3, which our girls found unsettling. Our pattern of play was affected, a little panic and frustration set in and, too frequently, rushed play led to poor footwork, inaccurate passing and subsequent loss of possession. Skipper's Hill capitalised on the free ball and passes. They drew away to lead 10-5 at the end of Q3. SRS returned to the court for Q4, a little more settled, with Floss operating well at C, Rose once again supporting the attack at WA and Eleanor and Sophie working well in and around the goal circle. There were sequences of outstanding flowing netball from SRS but Skipper's Hill were more consistent and retained possession more reliably. Despite Olivia, Lotty and Charlotte's best efforts, we couldn't keep the ball out of the Skipper's Hill goal circle and, with their shooters on form, they finished 14-6 ahead. Well tried, girls - a closer match than perhaps the score suggests. Player of the Match: Floss Sh