Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls 3rd VII vs  Sutton Valence School
On: Wednesday, 02 Oct 2019
Venue: Away

On Wednesday the 3rds played an exciting match against SVS. The girls made good use of the space and used every opportunity to pass the ball out wide. Our forwards were strong in their attack and we maintained most of the possession throughout the game. Rose M and Charlotte P worked well together and their attack was strong. Both girls scored two goals each during the first half. Our defence during the first half was strong and Cordelia E didn't touch the ball once. The second half started off with two goals being scored against us by SVS. Although our girls were disappointed about this, they didn't let it interfere with their play. They continued to attack hard and drive the ball towards the goal. Four goals were scored in the second half - two by Rose M, one by Charlotte P and the last goal was by Anna B. A brilliant game of hockey, girls. Well done. Player of the Match: Rose M