Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Girls U10A vs  Rose Hill School
On: Wednesday, 11 Sep 2019
Venue: Away

The girls arrived at Rose Hill very excited to be back on the astro playing hockey. We’d had a couple of training sessions to get us up and running, but not much match play so we had to quickly find our feet in terms of our positional roles and responsibilities. We got off to a confident start, with Freya B staying high, ready to mop up any clearances out of our defence and attack the goal. Alice M and Molly Z held their positions well on the wing and Daisy A did a good job of distributing the ball from the middle. There were no GKs this week so Izzy A, Michelle VDB, Bea E and Athena M took turns to defend. We still need work hard on our movement off the ball, but there were some moments of very promising hockey when we did manage to link our passes and move the ball around the Rose Hill defence. In the first half,we led 2-1 thanks to a lovely shot at goal from Alice M, soon followed by a goal from a persistent Freya B. In the second half, we struggled to be game-aware, failing to get back and press/defend the ball quickly enough when Rose Hill had a free hit. This gave Rose Hill the opportunity they needed to mount several attacks, two of which resulted in goals, giving them the win 3-2. A great first game with lots of potential from this team. We demonstrated desire and conviction when shooting at goal and have certainly learned the importance of being alert to umpiring decisions, making sure we know who has possession of the ball and when the opposition are given a free hit to get back quickly to set up our press. Well done. Player of the Match: Alice M