Match Report
Saint Ronan's School Boys-U13D vs  Sevenoaks School
On: Wednesday, 25 Sep 2019
Venue: Away

Is it possible to age 10 years over the course of a 40 minute football match? Answer: it may feel like that but probably not! Is it possible to bite through all your fingernails in that situation - YES! In a game that was matched in every single department, the telling factor was always going to be something operating in the realms of the ethereal. Ebbing, flowing, end to end, strike after strike, miss after miss - from both sides - the game crept ever closer to one that was never going to be a draw, with a fine margin separating the two sides. With half an hour of goal-less-ness yet high excitation, each side looked as though they were going to steal it at any moment, and yet, with a wind that was ever-so-slightly becoming stronger in our sails than in theirs, we looked the more likely. Wave after wave we surged, but a save and a quick goal kick, with us exposed at the back - no! - how could this be? we were stunned into 0-1 down! Going so long without a goal, Sevenoaks sat back but our ascendancy was still ascending and once more we drove to ecstatically level the contest with a huge goal. With minutes remaining, what part would (as yet absent) Luck play in this tussle? One minute to go, a lofted ball contacts a hand, a hand in the area and not quite quick enough to get out of the way, a hand that deflects the path of the ball significantly: Penalty! 2 - 1 Sevenoaks.